Function Cleaning employee public areas

Purpose of the function

Execute the provided cleaning program.

Position in the organisation

Direct supervisor:               Supervisor/Head Housekeeping/Service manager/ Area manager

Supervising to:                   None

Content of the function

  • Periodically, execute the specialized cleaning maintenance program including carpet cleaning and the treatment of floors (polishing, spraying or conserving);
  • Execute the cleaning activities regarding the predefined program at the assigned department of the hotel. Examples of tasks are: dust-mopping, cleaning the walls and sanitary, vacuuming, cleaning of furniture etc.;
  • Apply the predefined working method. Use of the cleaning products, hand tools and machines regarding the working instructions. Observe the defects and warn the supervisor;
  • Keep the materials in orderly condition (trolley, towels, tool cabinet). Execution of easy reparations and perform the daily maintenance of the used machines.
  • Discuss the work and the work execution;
  • Maintain contacts with colleagues (informative);
  • Handle the cleaning tools and machines;
  • Carefully execute the cleaning program.